Attention: New Access Numbers

All Niagara Internet Services dial-up customers must begin using our new access numbers ASAP. Click here for the list of local access numbers now available and follow the instructions to change your local access number.

Dial-Up Internet Access

Niagara Internet Services provides dial-up Internet access for a fraction of what the "other guys" charge AND more of your money stays in Western New York. Find out more

Exciting changes coming soon for Niagara Internet Dial-Up Customers:

Propel™ Accelerator - increasing your web browsing speed up to 5x faster!

Niagara Internet will soon be accessible from more places with a dramatic increase in the number of local access numbers.

IMPORTANT: New Terms of Service.

Web Hosting

Niagara Internet Services offers professional Web Hosting on high reliability HP/Compaq servers. There has never been a better time to improve the advertising ROI for your business. Call Niagara Internet today to learn how to communicate more information about your products and services to current AND potential customers by leveraging your current advertising with a professional website hosted by Niagara Internet. Read more...

Email Hosting

Are you using your personal email account for your business? Get too much spam? Find out how Niagara Internet's cost effective Email services can save you time and money, and raise awareness for your business. It costs less than you might think. Discover for yourself.

Co-location and Dedicated Servers

Need a server to host applications for your business? Already have one but don't have the expertise to manage and secure it? Let Niagara Internet Services host your server in our co-location facility, or lease a dedicated server, and put our experience to work for you. Most of our customers find that not only are they more assured of security, they save money. Call Niagara Internet and see what we can do for you.